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Welcome to CELCAT on the Web! CELCAT stands for Corbett Engineering Limited Computer Assisted Timetabling. CELCAT is the program that produced this timetable. CELCAT Web Publisher produces this on-line version of the timetable you are reading now.
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In the left hand frame you should see a list of names of staff, groups names, and so on. In CELCAT, these are called Resources. This left frame is a complete list of all the individual timetables that have been published at this time, in total 542 items. Click on the links Depts or Alphabetical to sort resources in the specified order.

Click on one of these resources to display its individual timetable in this main Grid frame. For the range of dates or weeks shown at the top of the grid, all the Events for which the resource is scheduled appear in the grid.

Each event box on the grid shows by its position the day and time it is scheduled for. Some additional details for the individual event are also shown in the box. It shows the module name which is being taught. It shows the staff who are scheduled to be in attendance. It shows the room which is being used. Its colour may denote the category of event; the colours defined are shown below.

If there is not enough detail in any event on the grid, click on the symbol to display full information for that event in the lower Detail frame. To keep the grid compact, some of the event information has been excluded from the grid.

Click on any resource HTML link (these can be recognised like this) on a grid timetable, to jump to the timetable for that resource. HTML links can be taken from the event detail frame too. For example, when viewing a group timetable, click on the member of staff assigned for a particular event to jump to the personal timetable for that lecturer, to find out for example when the member of staff may available for consultation.
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Event Categories

No Category Lecture Seminar Tutorial Holiday Project work Room maintenance

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